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:}hello friend
20-05-09, 00:41
Yesterday I was riding the school bus to school.... we have to go up one road to pick up some little girls, who hardly get on the bus anyway, but our bus driver comes up this road just to be sure. Today as we expected no one got on the bus. But before my bus driver left, we saw a man move the curtains and peer out the window telling our bus driver to wait. My bus driver waited a few more minutes then went on. The next day as we went up the road again, the little girls mother confronted us on the bus. She said "Sorry. I forgot to tell you we wouldn't have been here the next few days. I left with my girls to go take care of my mom." Our bus driver replied, "But I saw a man look out your window. Telling us to hold on." The mother replied, "But I live alone with my daughters. I had the doors locked, and no one was in this house while I was gone." O____O Then who was the man we saw in the window???

Basically this thread is to share your experiences with the paranormal. If you don't believe in ghosts, explain why. If you think you have an explanation to one of the stories on here, share with us... ALL STORIES ARE TO BE TRUE!!!!

20-05-09, 00:49
I saw a black smoke above my bed, for one second, then it vanished.
Something pressed me against my bed (the same bed)(on the chest) the next day, yet again, for one second.

Never happened again though, and I, mysteriously, didn't get scared.

Helheim's God
20-05-09, 01:01
I have always been sensitive to the "presense" of spirits for as long as I can remember.
The most recent one I had was at my friends house. He lives alone and his house has been in his family for years now. The other night, him and I were laying a carpet when out of the blue, I don't know how to explain it I just feel it and pass stuff on, I had this sudden urge to tell him that there was someone there who wanted him to know that he liked the carpet and always thought that the carpet in the hallway should be red and that we had done a good job of it, and to be careful with the knife, he is holding it wrong. A little while later when he was trimming the end, he stabbed the knife into his thumb and it took a while for it to clot. I then had to tell him that he was warned to hold it propperly and that he was lucky it is a red carpet.

The house that my sister and her family moved into, the first time I went up to visit them, I was staying in my nephews room with them and I felt this old women in the room. I was comforted by her there and I felt that she came in to check on them everynight and that she was worried a while before hand when one of my nephews became ill because the medicine that was prescribed to them was treating the wrong illness and she moved it. I knew one of them was ill but I didn't know they were taking medicine for it. The following day I asked my sister if an old woman had lived in the house before them at anytime and if one of my nephews medicine went missing. She said that the grandmother from the man across the street lived in the house but became ill and passed away a while before she moved in. And that the medicine did go missing. I told her it was on the top shelve in her linning closet inbetween her pillowcases.

A few years ago, my family had moved into a new house, it was new and no one had a hold over it. On one of the first nights that we moved in, my mom was putting up our oil paintings in the living room and I told her that my grandad was here to see her, that he keeps on following her around the house and he was telling her to sit down or stay still, that she was making him dizzy. My mom never believed me and she was on the phone to my gran a while after and my gran brought it up asking if my grandad had come to visit her recently because all my other aunts and uncle got a visit from him.

I could go on and on with these, but I would probably bore you all with them.

20-05-09, 01:20
There was a ghost in my toilet lol

But anyway, I was in my school; I had to pick something up, when I noticed a woman at the end of the hall. She was wearing 18th century clothes. She was walking slowly towards a door to the left. Out of curiosity, I followed her into the room. In the room I saw parallel bookcases (I was familiar with the place since it was my school obviously but I had only been in there a few times). I saw her through the bookcases, she appeared to drop a book and went to pick it up. I took a chance and went over to aisle in which she was looking at books... however, she was not there. I left the school since I was finished doing what I was doing, only to see the woman at the school gates. I wasn't too far away from her. She was facing the other way but gradually turned around to face me. Once she did I saw that her face was white and cut as if she was dead. She raised her arm and pointed towards the roof of the school. I looked at the roof to where she was pointing, and there I saw a little girl who was also wearing 18th century clothes and looked dead. She started speaking, "There is something I must tell you..." but then she disappeared. WEIRD! I know.

:}hello friend
20-05-09, 01:50
I wouldve went on the roof....well I wouldn't... I wouldve be in a therapy session :D

Very interesting stories so far...

My cousin a while back was staying with her other cousin... Her cousin went to sleep in her fathers room and let my cousin sleep in hers.

She woke up at about 2 in the morning... she saw someone open the closet door... her dad was standing in front of her....

She exclaimed, "Dad.... I thought you wouldn't be home until Tuesday."

Her father said "I love you sweetie." And at that instant her mother opened her door.

She walked up to her and said..."Honey...im so sorry (tears dripping from her eyes) you're father has died in a car crash."

This one isn't a ghost... but it scared the hell out of me D:

Me and my cousins were staying at my grannies.... we stayed up late... and because it would be too hot to sleep alltogether.. my younger cousin volunteered to sleep in the living room.... she had long hair at the time...

But what my little cousin didnt know is that me and my older cousin watch the Grudge, 1 & 2. After both movies were over... I say a figure crawling across the floor in the distance in the, faint blue light was a young girl... with long hair over her face !!!!:OOOOOO!!!! Yes it turned out to be my little cousin she heard that scary sound the Grudge had made and decided to come in with us...

Indiana Croft
20-05-09, 02:36
My friend and i were out and about at 3AM (demon's hour, if ya didn't know) and we were ding dong ditching. The fog started to pick up out of no where, and it was a clear night. We kept seeing random shooting stars, and aqua blue orbs appearing everywhere. And we were not high lol. But it was so weird. And we both heard a dog bark, but there weren't any dogs out. So we walk by this certain house and this shadowed figure that looked like a dog came chasing after us. Like for real it looked like a dog, but it wasn't barking or anything. Suddenly we look back and its gone. So the next day we tell my sister about the oddities we saw and she said, "oh, the dog that used to live in that house died a while ago." strange but true, my friend and i saw a ghost dog...:eek:

20-05-09, 08:18
one time I was at my friends house. it was night time and we were the only ones there, he told me that his old room was haunted by the ghost of a clown. I asked him to prove it, so he got out the video camera and walked over to his old room (now his brothers room). he placed the camera on a shelf, set it to recording mode, turned the lights off, closed the door and we waited. When we got the video camera out of the room, what I saw was shocking! after about 2 mins of watching through, nothing happened, but then I saw a tennis ball that tried to throw itself at the camera, it was literally thrown by nobody! then we saw a broom on the other side of the room that was leaning against the wall, the broom got thrown onto the floor by nothing! after that I was walking with my friend to his room, his dog followed behind him and I was behind his dog, when we walked past his old room I saw a tennis ball throw itself out of the room and hit the dog! and did I forget to mention that when we were watching the vid, we heard some jingling and hissing sounds?

20-05-09, 08:52
Wasn´t there a thread like this just a week ago or so?

Anyway I had few but most notable and memorable for me was a two years ago when a pencil flew at me from an empty room and hit me in the chest. No one else was home that night and I clearly saw it flying at me.

20-05-09, 17:27
Wasn´t there a thread like this just a week ago or so?

Indeed, there was:
And it is still recent enough to continue the discussion/conversation over there.