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21-05-09, 16:12
-Spider-Man 3 actress Lucy Gordon has been found dead in her Paris apartment after apparently committing suicide.


The young British actress was found dead at the 10th arrondissement apartment on Wednesday, two days before her 29th birthday.

A police spokesman said an autopsy had been ordered to determine the cause of death, adding that it appeared to be a suicide.

Speaking from the family home in Oxford her father, Richard Gordon, said: "She was a lovely, generous, unselfish person who gave her all for others and thought of others before herself.

"She's always loved being on stage and in front of the camera and she has kept all her naturalness and charm all the way through."

Mr Gordon said his daughter loved playing her latest role of British singer and actress Jane Birkin in the upcoming biopic Serge Gainsbourg (A Heroic Life), adding: "She found the whole team and cast wonderfully creative and supportive."

According to Gala magazine, a friend of the actress burst into a nearby shop early on Wednesday morning calling for help.

The friend and the shopkeeper rushed upstairs in la Rue des Petites Ecuries to find the actress dead.

Friends said Gordon was deeply affected by the recent suicide of a friend in the UK.

In 2002 Lucy starred in historical drama The Four Feathers. The cast included Australian actor Heath Ledger, who died of a drugs overdose in his New York apartment last year.

Lara Fan 4Life
21-05-09, 16:15
I feel for her family's pain as not so long ago, someone from my school also took their own life the same way she took hers. :(

21-05-09, 16:15
Aww thats so sad! My condolences to her family and friends. :(

who did she play in SM3?

Lara Fan 4Life
21-05-09, 16:18
who did she play in SM3?
I believe it was a British photographer. I read that someone, but I don't remember seeing her in the movie, though.

21-05-09, 16:20
Ahh I know who she played, it was the british news reporter


21-05-09, 16:37
This is so sad :( May she rest in peace...

21-05-09, 16:49
:( Rest in peace !

21-05-09, 17:12
May Lord help her family and bring her peace. :(

21-05-09, 17:13
So sad. Rest in peace. :(

21-05-09, 20:23
i dont know exactly who she is,but may she rest in peace.

21-05-09, 20:29
Poor baby. :(

What a shame, to be so young and see no way out of your pain besides death.

My heart goes to her family.

Tjw croft
21-05-09, 21:29
Let her rest in peace and tranquility.

Lara's Nemesis
21-05-09, 21:36

I've known a couple of people who have taken their own lives before. They weren't close friends but I still knew them fairly well from drinking in the same pubs as them.

It must be so hard for the family to deal with a suicide. You would constantly be asking yourself if you could have done more to help the person.

Super Badnik
21-05-09, 23:51
It's so sad to hear of people taking their own life. Does anyone know why she did this? So sad when you think most people who commit suicide could have been helped:(

22-05-09, 00:31
I thought it was the blonde girl that Spidey saved, but appararently not. Suicide and at a young age..

22-05-09, 00:43
Shame! Deepest sympathy for the ones she left behind!
I think suicide is such a selfish thing, yet so sad and unfortunate.

22-05-09, 14:54
How gutted am I? I thought this was gonna be Kirsten Dunst. Oh well...

22-05-09, 15:00

22-05-09, 15:03
I don't know who she is but that's terrible news. It's always awful to see someone kill themself. :( Depression is an awful illness.

22-05-09, 15:04
Terrible. :( Truly sorry for her and her family.

22-05-09, 15:08
Poor woman. :(

22-05-09, 15:31
Such a terrible waste of life, depression is such a serious problem, may she rest in peace.

Minty Mouth
22-05-09, 15:50
Wherever she is now, I hope shes happy :)

Reckless Lara
22-05-09, 17:47
Well that's sad.Rest in peace:(

22-05-09, 23:58
May she rest in peace.:(