View Full Version : How similar is Tomb Raider Legend to Legacy of Kain?

23-05-09, 03:25
Watch and see for yourself! :tea:


Click me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpCGsXwat20&) to watch in HD, well not full HD but you get the idea. :)

23-05-09, 03:34
Wow, it's like the exact same puzzle...well, same idea anyway. Nice find, Mads. :tmb:

Ward Dragon
23-05-09, 03:36
Great comparison video :tmb: The Sea Serpent battle in Legend is like a cross between the Turel boss battle from Defiance and the Melchiah boss battle from Soul Reaver. First you shoot a bell to stun the serpent (like with Turel) and then you pull a lever to drop something spikey on its head (like with Melchiah).

10-06-09, 13:48
From what Other Games/Movies has the Crystal Games Copied from. :confused:

10-06-09, 16:00
^Your post icon does not reflect the emotions expressed in your post.
Anyway, Legacy of Kain is developed by CD.