View Full Version : Motherboard Beeps

23-05-09, 11:12
When our Son was using the computer tonight we both heard 3 short beeps each a total of 6 beeps time was 30 seconds. Motherboard is: GA-K8N51GMF-9.
In the motherboard book for 3 beeps is base 64k memory failure, 6 beeps is 8042 gate A20 failure. The second beep is louder that the first and third beep. As far as I know the computer is still under warranty.

What do I do?

Agent Dee
23-05-09, 16:45
is the computer custom built, like you bought the parts and had them put togehter? or is it a store bought PC that came already assembled? if it is the former then contact the place you got the motherboard from, and they may be able to help you better. worst case scenario is your board RIP on you and they will send you a new one. but you have to take all the cards (video, sound, etc) out and yank the board and put the new one in and hook it all back up. It is best to have a PC shop do that they usually charge between 35-70 an hour to do it, and it takes them an hour or less to do the swap. I wish you the best of luck :hug:.

23-05-09, 22:36
Thanks for replying. We bought the computer from a shop. I will contact the shop where we bought the computer. I have not heard any beeps this morning yet.