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23-05-09, 12:50
*didn't post in Madonna thread as it's deceased... LOL

If you own a blackberry bold, and love Madonna, you can sign onto their website and preview Madonna's upcoming Sticky and Sweet Tour DVD, in the quality they want you to see it! Alternatively you can look at the clips below and find out just how good this new live DVD is going to be. Filmed live in Argentina, this show both looks and sounds the part, withthe roaring Argentine crowd helping add to the experience... This really captures the same feeling I had when watching her live last year in Wales, and will see again this year in July.

What do you fans think of the clips ? :)

4 Minutes
La Isla Bonita ( Most stunning tour number )

:D :jmp: :D

23-05-09, 18:09
Wow! I love the views from the audience, It really makes it look like whoever is watching is actaully in the crowd at certain parts. :D

23-05-09, 18:13
I knew I should've made this thread around this time, more views lol.
Posting out of pity ? :vlol:

Well, I'm glad you liked it, will you be watching the broadcast ( whenever that is... ) ?

23-05-09, 19:01
well I don't have a blackberry, so.....