View Full Version : Burnt DVD Shows Up As Empty In Windows Vista

25-05-09, 01:03
Hey guys I'm hoping you can help me. Recently I've been experiencing an issue with a certain DVD that I used to be able to access and view on my computer with no problems. When looking at the back of the CD it shows the write marks (colorized area at the bottom of the CD that shows how much space has been taken up) and the DVD itself appears almost full...however, when I put it in my DVD-Rom drive to access it, it shows up as a blank DVD suggesting there's nothing on the disk.

This is impossible because it's worked and shown content in the past, but now it doesn't...and what's stranger is that it's a DVD-R so it's not like I could've somehow overwritten the files. They should be permanently there.

I do know is one time when I tried to eject it (when it still worked) a prompt came up saying "please wait while Windows finalizes the disc so that it may be read on other computers", now ever since then it wont show anything on the disc.

I've not had this problem with any other CD/DVD to date..just this one, and it doesn't appear to be scratched or damaged on the back. Did Windows break the disc, or is there a way to get it working again?

25-05-09, 20:16
Have you tried in others PC if they really work, well the only thing i could come up now is that....the disc even though not damaged/scratched may have already somehow "dead" we all know recordable disc last only a certain amount of time until it begin deteriorating, also you could try accessing the disc from a burning software to see if it can see from there.