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25-05-09, 23:49
This has been wandering my mind for quite some time and I think it's about time I asked and got an answer so I can put it to rest. I'm an active member on three other forums and their rules are the same: if a user makes a thread regarding a subject where a thread was already created, the duplicate is locked and the member(s) is/are redirected to the original.

Here, you get reprimanded for "necroposting" or resurrecting an old thread, despite whether or not the member's reason for doing so was legitimate. Instead, we're to create a new thread on the same subject. That's classified as spam, in which spam in any other form is frowned upon. It makes no sense. So, you'd rather the members spam the forum then post in an old thread?

It makes more sense to lock the duplicates and redirect members to the original topics, thus keeping the forum flood-free and prevent 50k duplicates on a topic that everyone and their mother is sick and tired of hearing about. Also, it makes searching for existing threads much easier, that way members aren't overwhelmed when they see twelve threads regarding whether or not the DLC would be available on the other consoles*.

If you ask me, and this is just my opinion, but this rule makes the forum look pathetic. It makes it seem like the staff of the forum just want all these threads to make the forum look bigger than it really is, thus making it look more popular, bringing in a higher crowd of people than other Tomb Raider forums. But I'm willing to bet that if one were to pick this forum apart and remove all the duplicate threads, there'd only be about maybe one thousand threads total.

Utilizing the above mentioned method, you reduce spam, make searching for threads easier, and keep flooding under control. Every other forum I know does that and it seems the default method. Why it's all topsy turvy over here is beyond me.

Now, this was just my opinion, so please don't chop my head off for it. However, I am expecting at least four ignoramuses to post in this thread and completely miss the point of the subject, tell me "that's how this forum is, end of story", or just derail the entire thread. Guaranteed one of the three will happen in the next twenty minutes, if not all three.

*I used this topic since it was the most popular subject where 20k threads were made.

25-05-09, 23:52
I HATE to do this, but.... i started one on this days ago:


Sorry. :o