View Full Version : I want to be able to play TR1, 4 and Chronicles...

26-05-09, 15:50
But I can't. :(

I have two sold out versions with TR2 and 3 which work perfectly fine but my TR1, 4 and Chronicles copies just won't work for me and its sad because I just want to be able to play these games.

I have posted threads here before asking for help on TRs1 and 4 but I gave up because it was getting too difficult but now I'm willing to stick with it should someone be willing to lend a helping hand here.

Thank you.

26-05-09, 16:16
Have you tried downloading the multi patches for TR4 and TRC? If not, you'll find them here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr4/fixes.html) and here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr5/faq.html). :)

Not sure about TR1 though...

26-05-09, 20:30
TR4 and TRC as Verdilet said definitely should make use of the multipatcher tool imho

as for TR1
there are multiple options/tools to set it up

consider that TR1 sold out versions may be defective when it comes to playing cdaudio music tracks
if such is the case you either burn yourself a cdrom replacement complete with cd tracks, or use Glidos w/audiopack by KMO

if such is not your case,
try dosbox (there's a new windows no-hassle installer in the TR1 section of this Forum)
or dgVoodoo (instructions at tombraiderhub.com on faq page) with or without using the TR Advanced Installer depending on what your OS version is (XP or Vista or.. Win7?)