View Full Version : Meet Emma Deigman

Lee croft
27-05-09, 10:27

she has been an opening act for girls aloud she dont even have a wikipeada page so i assume she is new or there is not alot of information on her.

what do you guys think? personally i think she is great!!! :D

Lee croft
27-05-09, 22:13
no one likes her???? :(

27-05-09, 22:14
I've never heard of her.

And I don't think you should double post.

Lee croft
27-05-09, 22:17
thats the point this thread is to introduce her and i only double posted because no one else posted ...

27-05-09, 22:22
Bumping isn't allowed here Lee. It's not kosher. If no one posts in your thread, just leave it be.

Lee croft
27-05-09, 22:25
okie dokie!!

27-05-09, 22:33
She's amazing. I really like her. ;)

27-05-09, 22:34
As I suspected, I hate it. :\

Lee croft
27-05-09, 22:41
She's amazing. I really like her. ;)

YAY!!!! :jmp::jmp::jmp::jmp: finally some one does!!

27-05-09, 22:46
I saw this thread earlier, but got caught up with other stuff so didn't post earlier.

I kind of like her style. She can sing at least. :)

Lee croft
27-05-09, 22:47
she kinda has that model look to her i think