View Full Version : Pig on the start of game

27-05-09, 18:26
Hi, i'd like to ask in which TR game was a pig you had to kill on the start? I played it a few years ago and can't remember which TR it was... thanks a lot! :)

27-05-09, 18:27
I think you´re thinking about TR IV, when you play as young Lara, and Von Croy has to kill it. Although it's not a pig IIRC :o

27-05-09, 18:28
That's The Last Revelation. There are a couple of Boars which Von Croy kills with his knife in the training levels at the start of the game when you play as Young Lara with no weapons. :)

27-05-09, 18:47
And now we have resolved that question......I am closing this :)