View Full Version : Cleaning your Scratch Disk with Toothpaste

27-05-09, 18:35
No seriously, does this Work. :confused::confused::confused:

I just Bought a Second Hand KOTOR2 Game and One of the Discs has a Scratch, since i get some Error on it cant read a File, so i watched this.


27-05-09, 18:46
The gel kind of toothpaste actually, not the kind with grit in it.

Or peanut butter.

Or antibiotic ointment.

Really any cream/oily product.

And yes it works, as long as it's a scratch in the protective layer and not in the actual data layer.

27-05-09, 18:49
EDIT:Never mind, irjudd beat me to it... -_-

27-05-09, 19:23
I keep getting this Error when im Installing the Game with Disc 3


God Horus
27-05-09, 19:57
Putting toothpaste on it does not "get rid" of the scratches.

It buffers away the rest of disk so it is even and has no scratches.

It would have been way easier to just get it professionally cleaned or buy a cleaning kit because toothpaste is an abrasive way to do it.

27-05-09, 21:04
Oh forget it, i tried everything and im still getting that Error.

27-05-09, 21:14
You could try this (http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/Game-Disc-Scratch-Repairer__EF000353.aspx)? But if it's only one disc, then maybe not? I've always wondered if that thing worked.

28-05-09, 07:15
I've heard that chapstick or black shoe polish will work to fill in the scratch so the disk will read. But this is only a temporary fix.

28-05-09, 09:38
The CRC error means some part of the data is not as it should be, so I'm guessing the scratch is still preventing the laser from reading things correctly. Did you buy the disk from eBay/equivalent or a game store? In the latter case you may be able to return it.

28-05-09, 12:06
No i bought the Game from another Guy that had an Add in the Paper where he was Selling Games and i bought Need For Speed Wanted from him, now that Game ROCKS. :cln::cln:

28-05-09, 17:01
When did you buy this disc (how much time has passed)?

Did you have any agreement about returning initially inoperable product with this guy?

For the future: Always check the second-hand media when possible before buying.