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27-05-09, 20:22
If I did a system restore to say, when I first got my laptop, would I loose any of my pictures/music/videos?

Thanks :)

27-05-09, 20:41
you should back them up to separate drive (flash drive - DVD - external drive - or other non-system drive) to be on the safe side. I suppose you may, considering I've system restored second hand machines for friends and it recovered previously deleted files.

out of curiosity, what is the reason for doing a system restore? if there are performance gains you are looking for, or a virus perhaps - you could run and post the results of ardiag.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/ardiag.exe) and diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) so that we can point you in the correct direction for addressing those (or other) issues without having to perform a system restore. ;)

27-05-09, 21:51
Ok, I'll put my files on a disk then :) And its because MSN seems to hate me, possibly a virus, so I thought maybe doing a system restor may fix it :) Thanks Spikejones :hug:

28-05-09, 02:43
just run those applications and post the report. you may be replacing the registry entries, but the virus may stay intact on your system.

28-05-09, 03:19
They will not disappear, but I have learnt to know that it is possible for it to happen.

28-05-09, 13:13
System Restore is designed to leave your personal files intact. But when mucking about with any system files or restoration, always backup; anything can happen.