View Full Version : Champions League Final

27-05-09, 22:25
I don't know if anyone here cares about soccer. Just wanted to say Barcelona beat Manchester United with 2-0.

Congrats Barca!!! :jmp:

Better luck next time Manchester. ;)

*dodges shoes and tomatoes from Manchester fans*


27-05-09, 22:40

I wanted Manchester United to win, but they played AWFUL! It looked like Barca had more players on the field, but they didn't. They were badly organized, missed the ball or waited too long to make a play. Ronaldo was the only one even attempting to make a goal and even he couldn't make it after like 7 shots and going off side 3 times.

I wasn't happy with my red devils. Barca won fair and square...but Inter will win next year :jmp: :D

27-05-09, 23:13
Even though I'm in agreeance with about 80% of football fans in England about wanting Barcelona for the win! I was at least expecting Man Utd to play more of their attacking football that we see every week in the Premier League. I was quite dissapointed really that it wasn't a more competative match. But anyway, Barcelona played some really attractive football, and they were a joy to watch. Congratz Barca! :)