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27-05-09, 23:00

27-05-09, 23:08
If you really consider this guy your friend then deffinitely make the effort :) It might just be you going your seperate ways... that tends to happen around the time that school ends, Ive lost and made plenty of friends simply because we didnt see eachother every day and it was a massive change. Try to talk to him and find out what he's thinking ^_^

27-05-09, 23:09
Well the thing is, that it started in April.

27-05-09, 23:11
I'm sorry to hear that.:(

I can honestly say that if he isn't willing to be an 'all-round' friend then what's the point in you having to make the time and effort to chase after him?
I know it's hard and confusing to think that you may have done something or not done something which has contributed to this happening, but trust me, he is obviously not worth the effort.

It sounds as if he was being friendly to you when he had no other friends to be with, he was isolated. I have had that happen to me, fine one minute the next it's like you don't exist. It hurts, bad, but I'm sure your sensible enough to make up your own decisions about what to do.


27-05-09, 23:15
I must say I'm happy that summer vacation is here so I don't have to see this person.

27-05-09, 23:20
I must say I'm happy that summer vacation is here so I don't have to see this person.

Forget about them! You are a likeable person, I'm positive that you must have many other friends/ people you know that are worthy of your friendship.:)

I think you just answered your own question!;):tmb:

27-05-09, 23:26
A friend and I drifted away very recently and I'm very much hating myself for doing nothing to try reach out. If you're friend means it enough to you, make the effort. What's the worst that can happen?

27-05-09, 23:31
You're right. But now it seems like there is no time to ask them within the next 3 months.