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28-05-09, 01:09
There's all this hype going around about how they changed Lara's roots, past and biography, but I'd like to point out your attention to the following:

If we ignore TR 1's manual and whatever other official or unofficial bio sources - namely those off of tombraiderchronicles and tomb raider's traveler's guide - and focus solely on what the in game cutscenes provide us, we have to conclude that there are no contradictions whatsoever. Lara could very well have crashed at age 10, and everything that Legend tells us can be accepted as the "truth", and that poses no problems regarding the classics cos they never tell us about Lara's mother or father; we know about Van Croy, about Winston, even know about Zip and, if you think thoroughly, the information provided by the classics' in game cutscenes and storylines is not contradicted by Legend and so forth; true, Anniversary pulls off the Natla stunt, but we can consider that an "expansion" in relation to the original game rather than a makeover, cos it certainly is possible for a goddess to survive an explosion.
Anyway, my point is that the original biography was built off of the games whereas the 2nd was created in game which, in my humble opinion, makes it canon.
Your thoughts?

Anyway, my point is that the original biography was built off of the games
Of course, what I mean is outside of the games

28-05-09, 01:12
^not sure what canon means...but looks like you got something...

there are many people who may not agree with this due to reasons they don't care why...but it makes sense.

since not everyone looked at the biography in the manual....but another versions was actually shown and explained ingame:)

28-05-09, 01:15
canon meaning that is the "true" version or the one that provides the basis and I have to agree. For all of what is "written" about Lara's bio I think what we actually experience as game players should be used as the official bio.

28-05-09, 01:17
^I agree

as much as the old bio sports a diffferent type of lara,leaving her parents behind and the lot...I still like this one...

and due to the next game,I doubt we will ever hear about the mother things again,and no one will even care about the bio:)

28-05-09, 01:22
And let's not forget the upcoming movie which will either provide a 3rd bio or corroborate 1 of the other 2 - probably Legend's - which, so far as I'm concerned, is meaningless, cos what counts is what the games tell us.

28-05-09, 01:26
^well legends is pretty much the movie one right....

they will probably keep the same bio,and just do the whole crazy character development stuff:)