View Full Version : What's the stupidest thing you've done?

Tjw croft
28-05-09, 02:47
Ok, so what is the stupidest thing you've done.


I let a girl kick me in the balls so that she'd hug me. (Yes, I did this.)

Let's see what you've done.

28-05-09, 02:49
I'm pretty sure that there is already a thread about this that was not started long ago:)

28-05-09, 02:50
Sorry, I had to laugh at that :D :o

Erm, jumped into the deep end of the pool when I couldn't swim - I didn't know I was only 10-11 :D

Tjw croft
28-05-09, 02:50
That must've been scary! I know what it's like, that!

28-05-09, 02:50
I try to block them from my memory.:p

28-05-09, 02:53

once I made the mistake of telling a few people that the date of something was on the 40th of october.....I counted from the day it was in september...and forgot to switch months and kept counting to the 40th:)

I was randomly bowing to my cat one day,accidentally smacked my face off of the ground....

Tjw croft
28-05-09, 02:55
I had to laugh for the cat! :vlol:

TR love
28-05-09, 07:38
hey im pretty sure that this thread name is identical to the one i made about a month ago...

anyway, many, many things.

28-05-09, 08:38
Isnt there another perfectly fine thread for this? Most cringeworthy moment or whatever?

28-05-09, 09:25
Yes, there is.