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Wana b like Lara
28-05-09, 11:37
Hi :wve:

I need help with this please ... :o
Let's say 'I' have a problem ...

So i registered with CreditExpert to have a look at my credit report (past banks etc.) And i was fine with everything else except one thing, this bank that i have NEVER used, or registred with has my name, and 'my birthdate' is completely wrong, could this have been a mistake or identity theft?

This one thing has been keeping me from getting loans which i could have really used. And if i get rid of it i would be able to get as many loans as i could ...

How should i go about this? Go to the Police? Go to my Bank? Go and write to the bank (AktivKapital) and tell them the information is wrong, and that they should close that account emidiatly? Or should i write to the CreditExpert company? (Which i have BTW)

So what should i do, i'm sorry i couldn't have phrased this better, but this has never happened to me before, is it identity theft? Or a mistake?

Any help would be really appreciated! :o Thanks :)

Dennis's Mom
28-05-09, 12:18
It depends. If they're not showing you with debt they may not be hurting your rating, however, you should contact them to find out why they're reporting on your credit report.

I mean, any application for credit will show up on the report. Store credit, student loan, etc., even if you don't accept the credit.

I would contact and tell them what you've found. Ask them what it is, and close anything that may need to be closed. I don't think you need to panic unless they're showing you owing a bunch of money that you didn't spend.

28-05-09, 14:39
It could just be a mistake.

I was sent someone else's credit card in the mail instead of my own once. Because the bank used my family name as my given name, and vice versus.

28-05-09, 14:44
I would contact the credit bureau you're checking your report from and dispute this particular discrepancy on your report.