View Full Version : Procrastination Help!

28-05-09, 21:09
ok sooo....

I have a report due tomorrow....

so why am I on here???

I have severe procrastination problems,and I know that I should be doing the report now...and I want to be focused and doing it....but I can't

Anyone know some good ways of focusing on work?:)

it's driving me nuts:)

28-05-09, 21:12
Turn off the computer.

Get your books out.

Shut the door.


Ignore any instructions to the contrary. If you've gotta do it, you gotta do it.

28-05-09, 21:13
good ways of focusing on work? hehe if ur writing this thing switch of ur PC nd go somewhere quiet XD works for me :p

EDIT : Greenkey2 got there before me XD

28-05-09, 21:14
I know how you feel, I still have a maths test to do :D

28-05-09, 21:16
You'll be brain :smk: if you dont!

28-05-09, 21:20
ok.....I am going to do this in a very blunt manner.....

I am going to quikly and abruptly shut down my computer......and have no choice....

hopefully I don't circum to my new tomb raider underworld trphies:(

oh crap....I need the computer on to do research ....

no more tomb raider forums for now;)

28-05-09, 21:26
You can alway get Neteru to ban you briefly :whi: :D

28-05-09, 21:28
You do that Larafan25.

Perhaps it would be best if this topic were kept to Open Chat in future ;)