View Full Version : What games have you spent the most time on?

28-05-09, 21:51
I mean as in one save file or in general. For me, I have a joint save I share with my best mate on Final Fantasy 10 which has clocked about 300 hours, and one of my friends has apparently spent something like 600 hours on Oblivion. So what are other people's addictions?

28-05-09, 21:53
I spent 312 hours on Final Fantasy X-2 trying to get 100% and it was so annoying to do.
I've also spent 250+ hours on Sonic Adventure 2, yes I was so addicted to that game!

28-05-09, 21:55
most I've ever done is 156 hours on Timesplitters: Future Perfect :D

28-05-09, 22:08
Well it says 64 hours on my oblivion save file. I am sure I have played other games probably on the ps2 for more than that, but this is the most accurate one I could find :p

28-05-09, 22:16
105 hours on Final Fantasy XII, but lord knows how many hours I've lost to Sims and Sims 2 :cln:

28-05-09, 22:17
Tomb Raider, GTA San Andreas, Call of Duty...

larson n natla
28-05-09, 22:21
I mean as in one save file or in general. For me, I have a joint save I share with my best mate on Final Fantasy 10 which has clocked about 300 hours, and one of my friends has apparently spent something like 600 hours on Oblivion. So what are other people's addictions?

I saw father Xmas at least 3 times while playing shenmue and that only happens on 25 December so I guess that was quite long but I was like 5 so I'm not sure how long exactly.

28-05-09, 22:22
Probably Morrowind, a 1000 hours or so, if not more.

28-05-09, 22:22
i think i went through 9 copies of pokemon sapphire because the battery time died, and i tihnk it dies after 500 hours

28-05-09, 23:24
On one save? Fallout 3 probably.

28-05-09, 23:57
I'd say the Sims 2, followed by Resident Evil 5. Not entirely sure what my times are though. All I know is that I've played the Sims 2 for months. :D

29-05-09, 00:56
the video game I have EVER spent the most time on it between.....................

Kaya:dark lineage

or kingdom hearts 2:)

29-05-09, 01:03
Silent Hill 2, 3 and Resident Evil 4.

:}hello friend
29-05-09, 01:54
I spent 28 hours on Romancing SaGa for the PS2... not really long though
I think I spent 6 days on Tomb Raider 4

And my cousin spent about a year on Kingdom Hearts 2... half trying to beat Sephiroth...

29-05-09, 01:56
^I found sephiroth rather easy compared to the organization 13 guys,esspecially the one with the dancing water music notes...took forever:)

29-05-09, 02:22
Tomb Raider Legend :ton:

29-05-09, 04:01
Oblivion, l will undoubtedly still be playing it 5 years from now. :D

29-05-09, 04:16
I've spent probably 100 hours on each Xenosaga Installment and every Final Fantasy from 7 to 12. ...Wow...

Yuna´s Wish
29-05-09, 05:06
Final Fantasy games: Over 200 hours with FFX-2 to get a 100% completion. More than 130 hours with FFXII, having killed all the hunts and Omega Mk. 120 hours in my first attempt with FFVIII. 115 hours in my first attempt with FFX.

160 hours to complete Persona 4 twice, once in Normal mode and once in Expert mode.

I´ve also played for more than 65 hours in Legend, and I´m sure I surpassed that limit with TRA. And I also imagine the classics took me much more time, considering the times I replayed stand-alone levels.

Well...those are the recorded times. But I´ve also played and replayed a lot of my savegames in different orders, especially the endings (I adore fighting final bosses or completing final levels as many times as possible).

29-05-09, 05:10
Final Fantasy 11 and Silent Hill 4, which i'd ocassionally get ticked at and quit for 4 months at a time. :D

29-05-09, 05:13
Tomb Raider: Legend. I lost count on how many new games I replayed, replayed, replayed and replayed. Probably over 50...


Alex Fly
29-05-09, 09:52
Tomb Raider Legend for me as well, without any doubt. :)

29-05-09, 10:43
I went through a phase where I was insanely addicted to the Sims. I spent so much time on that game. :D

29-05-09, 10:50
Fallout 3; last I looked I was at 140 hours... and I know I've played since; plus I still have DLC I haven't played. I've also played a heck of a lot of Viva Pinata: TIP, although the game doesn't track real time played (that I know of) but I still have a looooong way to go on that game so it'll be a lot.

29-05-09, 11:03
The Longest Journey and Syberia.

I've replayed them so many times and I still love playing them. :tmb:

Oh and plus Sims. I was addicted to it when I was little :D

Lara's home
29-05-09, 11:10
World of Warcraft, definetely.
Think I had about 60 days or so on my main character.

29-05-09, 11:50
World of Warcraft, definetely.
Think I had about 60 days or so on my main character.

Same here. :D
Except I had about 40 days worth.

Dennis's Mom
29-05-09, 13:09
Probably Okami, although the early TRs may count as well.

29-05-09, 13:10
I haven't played it for a while now but on Pokemon Emerald the last time I checked I'd played 880 hours on it. :o

29-05-09, 13:18
sims 2 on pc

used to play that pretty much everyday..

29-05-09, 13:20
Summoner 2 (best RPG I've ever played, fact), Oblivion, Fallout 3.

29-05-09, 13:31
The game I've spent most time on, hands down, is Final Fantasy XI.

Wana b like Lara
29-05-09, 13:36
The Sims 2 the never ending game! :p

29-05-09, 14:52
Still playing guild wars. Every time I try to find another game I somehow keep going back to this.

29-05-09, 15:00
gta vice city
fable ii
burnout paradise

29-05-09, 15:16
The Sims 2.

I've yet to finish it... :rolleyes::p!

29-05-09, 17:30
I've probably spent more time playing EVE than anything, I remember playing it for about a year before I got bored of it, there's just so much to do in that game. I've also spent a lot of time on Oblivion, Half Life 2 and it's episodes, TF2, and TR3.

30-05-09, 01:15
Saints Row 2, spent heaps of time considering I done two files.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, loads of time doing missions on this plus hours put in using the many awesome vehicles.

Gran Turismo 4 the championship races alone take lots of time let alone the endurance races.

30-05-09, 01:18
I don't know how to explain, but I spent more than 200 hours on Anniversary, it has such a nice atmosphere, I can't stop playing.

And Fatal Frame 3 and Legend of Mana.

30-05-09, 10:41
Oblivion (<3), Shenmue II (Haven't got it anymore. :() or... um... The Sims. (Of course. :D)

30-05-09, 12:43
EDIT: Wrong thread :p

09-06-09, 15:56
Tekken 3
Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken Dark Resurrection Online
Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo 3
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
Tomb Raider 1-5

09-06-09, 18:20
While it's not my favorite game in the series, I've spent more time playing Tomb Raider: Legend than any other game I've ever played. I've beat it several hundreds of times and collected every secret the same amount. I was obsessed with it at its release. It may seem a bit odd, but I've actually beat it many times in one day. That's how crazy I was. Things have certainly changed. :p

09-06-09, 18:25
↑ I can´t blame you. I´ve always thought that TRL is a perfect game. The thing I hate about the game (Other than Zip & Alister) is that it is short :mad:

I wanted more, more and MORE!!! And since I never got more, I replayed the same levels hundreds of times. Then I bought the PC version and played even more! Downloading mods and things that made the game different everytime. To this day, I still love that game A LOT ;)

09-06-09, 18:30
^ It's my least favorite game in the series now. I still love it, though. :p

Cloe Christina
09-06-09, 18:37
final fantasy vii comes in first......it would have been tomb raider but the last 3 games were too easy so second....and crash bandicoot comes in third...

09-06-09, 18:47
Grand Theft Auto IV. Jeezums, 142 hours or something?

09-06-09, 18:55
I spend most time on TR (all games)


Guild wars


Assasins Creed

09-06-09, 19:00
Tomb Raider Underworld, I played it 125 times and I still play it.:pi:

I probably played TR1 & TRL more, but I didn't keep count with those ones.:p

09-06-09, 19:03
I spent about 50 hours on FFA X trying to do as much side stuff as possible and god knows how many hours I've spent on Word of Warcraft O.o

09-06-09, 19:06
I think that after TRL, and FF games. It´s pokémon pearl, more than 250 hours spent there :eek:

09-06-09, 19:26
I'm guessing The Sims.
God knows how many hours i've spent on it! :yik:

09-06-09, 19:32
Final Fantasy 7 for me, I clocked about 800 hours on it spending time to acquire master materia for everyone and levelling everyone up to lv99.

A friend of mine played it longer though, he played it so much that the amount of Gil he collected went all screwy, the game used to show a weird hexadecimal figure instead of an actual amount.

09-06-09, 19:34
I'm guessing The Sims.
God knows how many hours i've spent on it! :yik:

I didn't even think about that. I've dedicated a major portion of my life to that. :p

09-06-09, 20:24
Tomb Raider Legend has like 55-60 hours on it..:whi:
SSB: Brawl has god know how many hours on it...
And I just found out that I'd put about 95-100 hours on Soul Calibur 4.. I had no idea that I took so much time creating people.:D

I need to get out more.:p

09-06-09, 20:28
Resident evil 4
100+ hrs :D or gameplay in general, not the regular cammpaign

09-06-09, 20:56
It's probably very close between Final Fantasy X, X-2 and GTA IV. Although The Sims is definitely first.

Legend of Lara
09-06-09, 23:10
Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of my life have been drained by FFX-2. Ah...

I was also up for a whole night playing The Movies. And then I dreamt about it. Dangerously addictive crack, there.

larson n natla
09-06-09, 23:15
Gta sa, 4 years until I got gta 4 and every single one was enjoyable :D finding the jumbo jet like a month before I got my xbox 360 amazed me
rockstar are so proffesional its just staggering.