View Full Version : PS3 Patch Doesnt Load. :(

28-05-09, 23:14
So I've been trying to download the new patch for the PS3, and the time left keeps going up by minutes! And the percentage stays in the same spot. But if I keep it on, it just errors. :hea:

Whats the problem? :S It does this with alot of other games too.

29-05-09, 00:23
What type of internet connection do you have CroftsKid, what is your speed and how is your PS3 connected to the internet?

29-05-09, 02:25
Not really sure how you find the type of connection and speed. :S But I do know my PS3 is connected with wireless

29-05-09, 02:59
Is it broadband ? It took me ages but I finally got through it.

29-05-09, 03:32
I have no idea. :P All I know is that sometimes updates work, and sometimes they dont. It just happens at random times. Its just this one that I want. :hea:

It said something about my gateway being disconnected when I did a connection test on the PS3.

I checked that gateway thing, and there is like an IP number beside it, so is it working now? :confused:

EDIT: Nevermind got it to work! I checked another forum, and they said if you had wireless connection and Media Server on other wireless things could mess with the server. So I disabled Media Server, and it worked! :)) Ty for all your help anyways!