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28-05-09, 23:45
Hi everyone,
In the following days, I'll have to write 2 texts of 600 words for my Language Art exams. At first they showed us this creepy but very interesting video :


So basically, I need to write a interpretation of this (and the text I need to read) or a short story that talks about this theme.

The theme is : Alone/Together : At what cost ?

So I wanted you to watch the video and telling me what do you understand about it. The problem is that I have 2 versions of it, and knowing my teacher, the best one is always the one that is not conventionnal.

So here's my first idea :

The pencils represent desire, technology maybe. You'll see that she has a big wood chunk in her hand and when she sees the pencil (that is made of wood, evolution of technology maybe ?) she left the tree branch. So than she creates everything she wantes but she always wants more and more, explaining the black hole at the end. Notice that everything is sterile around her !

My second idea :

Everything is sterile because, as a child, she's forced to grow up. But she'll use the pen (that represent her imagination) to created watever she wants. The black hole would mean that she could go anywhere with imagination and creativity, instead of staying alone in this sterile world.

I noticed few clues in the video:
It's written SOFT behind the pencil. Why ?
You can clearly she her shoes next to the pen, they are the same shape as the pen. This is clearly a sign.
The further the video goes, the more there's noise in the music (bell noise)

So all those things are nice but I have to remember the main theme : Alone/Togheter : At what cost ?
Help me please I'm soooo lost ! :D

29-05-09, 00:01
That's the creepiest Penny Crayon episode i've ever seen. You should also notice the sentence He'll help you draw, he'll help you erase; waste not want not...he's Pencil Face.

i think the soft word means that is somewhat so soft that i can draw in reality or something... You got me. I like your first idea, but i was more focused on his spengbab face.

Agreeing with your first idea, i think the pencil is axiologically neutral (the same way positives used to excuse science), since it didn't made any sad or joy expression, it was the same referred face every time. But it passes the check when used with greed.

But didn't evil genies came to your mind too? The grant wishes, but you mos pay for them. Nothing is free.

29-05-09, 00:09
I'm not sure myself, but i'll point out some stuff.
The pencil seems to be ushering her, with clicking sounds (?)
I see how it gave her all of her desires, but she wasn't careful with what she wanted. She made a mistake. Curiosity lead her to the pencil, it also lead to her getting too close to the hole.
The bell noises may mean that she is becoming happier or more careless (no, because the pencil gets it's own shot at the end and the sound returns. The sound's represent the pencils thoughts, cynical perhaps) , but the silence near the end is definitely caution.

She leaves her chunk of wood without hesitation and uses the pencil immediately, almost knowing it's powers. Then she runs to get the cake, leaving the pencil behind, almost forgetting about it through her joy, but as soon as she realizes the power it has, she uses it again.
She run's out of the school (?) through a playground and lets go of the kite, yet stares at it, as if wondering why she did it. She soon forgets about the kite and tries to make a lollipop.
She looks back at the pencil, sensing that something is wrong.

She's alone with her imagination in a place where all of her desires can come true, but pays for being there. Why do i feel a drug reference :confused:

29-05-09, 01:15
Your are both right ! I think we can see it the way we want ! And look at the school, it's all destroyed and rusted, there's no game !

I got something else too ! Maybe she had the chance to creates something special with the pen, something that would change the world, but instead she creates things for herself. And I think it have a link with the main theme : Alone/Together : At what cost ? So maybe the world is sterile because we would have done the same thing, instead of creating something special that would unite us, we would do things for ourself, for money, for fun. So at the end, she fell in the black hole, like a vicious cercle because it would always be the same thing.

We have the imagination, we can go wherever we want with it, we can create everything, but instead we are just thinking about ourself, making everything so sterile around us.

03-06-09, 16:11
lol i made an account because im doing the same stupid creepy exam...

theres been alot of confusion.. .like the pencil using the girl... appearances may be desiving... its written soft on the pencil because on the outside he looks soft but on the inside hes evil.

at the beggenign the girl draws a cake , but hte kite and the lollipop hte pencil shows her images could we associate it with rape? he asks her what she wants she says cake he gives her cake.. then shows her a kite she plays with it .. it flies away.. ( also notice hte kite is white... white is hope when it flies away hope is gone?) and hten shows her the lolipop whats weird about that is that she draws a vortex she doesnt draw he stick ? its weird...

all of this is pretty far out :P but the pencil and the girl were alone they found each other but yet the girl is still alone u know ?

03-06-09, 18:02
Be careful what you wish for?

That's how I interpreted it. The pencil represents desire and she can create whatever she wants, but at a price, like you've said. Just one slip up and you can destroy yourself.

03-06-09, 18:35
I interpereted it as a sort of creation thingy.

we as humans have the power to create whatever we want, we just have to have the imagination, but with this power to create wonderfull things, we can also create evil things that can take away life, like guns, and even destroy the world (global warming)