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Tjw croft
28-05-09, 23:53
Hey guys. I'm starting this so that people can express problems, and others can give advice. This thread is for all kind of problems, and any kind of advice can be given.

I'll start us off:

My Best friend, Kate, has a habit of going out with guys older than her. She was out camping with her family, and she met a guy.
He really likes her, and it's obvious from his actions; He always looked right into her eyes, was really sweet...

Problem is he lied about his age.
He told her he was 17.

In reality, he just turned 19.
So she's really mad at him.
But, she likes him back, and feels that, after he apologized extensively, he deserves a second chance.

For now I've said ok, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. I can't stand to see her hurt.

Anyone have an idea?

29-05-09, 00:12
Personally I would tell her to stay away, but if she really belives that he deserves a second chance she should go for it :tmb: Then again, your her friend so you should tell her what you think so she doesn't jump into things that are to big to handle. Do what you see fit :)

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 01:26
That's a good idea. I'll talk to her about it on tomorrow or something. Thanks!

On another note:
People who have situations like this, tell us, and we'll help as we can.

29-05-09, 01:32
Oh? I thought this thread was about giving random advice?

Do NOT try to swallow a muffin whole...


And erm, it depends on how old the girl is.

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 01:34
Nice random advice lol

And she's almost 15.

29-05-09, 01:35
4 years age difference seem's fine as long as both of them are okay with it, the only bad thing here is that he lied about his age but hey everybody tells a little fib sometimes.

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 01:36
Acording to her, he lied cause he didn't know if she'd still go out with him.

29-05-09, 01:38
Well that makes sense, I say forgive him.

There was no true horribleness behind his lie, you can stay with someone for a lot worse.

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 01:43

REMINDER TO OTHER PEOPLE: Please post issues as well, or as trXD did, just give random advice. Thanks again!

29-05-09, 01:50
as long as both are happy and ok,love is blind though...

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 01:58
love is blind though...

That's what I'm afraid of.

29-05-09, 02:10
^ That's one of the reasons you should talk to her first then, if you feel apprehensive.

Ok, we're about to go into vertical tutoring in June - basically switching around all the years, away from the people you know, and frankly no-one wants to do it. What should I do?

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 02:19
Have you talked to the teachers? Maybe, if enough people say it's not a good idea, then they won't do that. I think.

29-05-09, 02:20
I haven't no :( Its probably too late now anyway, and besides its only 20 minutes a day. As long as no-one :cen: me off I'll be ok :D

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 02:24
Well, talk to the teachers anyway, just in case, but if it's not too bad of a deal, then as you said, It should be ok.

29-05-09, 02:25
Ok :)

29-05-09, 02:30
^20 minutes a day??? is that with school?:)

try 6 hours of one subject a day for 2 weeks...summer school.....math:(

29-05-09, 02:33
You hate maths too! I feel for you :(

Too say I'm in top, I never understand ANY of it :hea:

29-05-09, 02:35
^I know....I was doing sooo well......and then the teacher told me that the last year review was over!:O

it just doesn't stick in my head:)

29-05-09, 02:37
Mine neither. In class its fine, its when it comes to tests :\

29-05-09, 02:38
^I guess I just don't seek enough help when needed...and don't know how to properly study math:)

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 02:39
For me, I have 4 and a half hours of summer school, for english.

29-05-09, 02:39
Do you guys have to go to summer school, we don't in the UK?

29-05-09, 02:41
^only to boost a mark or if you failed....but they don't take people with a grade percent lower than like a 40 or 30

I had a 43:/

29-05-09, 02:42
So you don't even get a choice :eek: Thats dread!

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 02:44
For me, it cause I was in spain, and didn't take english there. I was there for the first semester of the year, and therefore didn't get a transfered english grade.
So to have the credit for the first semester english, i need 16 mornings, 4 hours 15 minutes long, of summer school. Sucks, right?

29-05-09, 02:46
^^you get a choice....it is either not get the credit(can't graduate) or take that course in the place of one of your optional courses for the following year...

so I made a wise decision I think:)

29-05-09, 02:48
@Tjw - Absolutely! But then again, they are only trying to catch you up, but they could do it better, instead of making you endure more school.

@larafan25 - So thats like the UK equivalant of GSCE's?

What time do you usually start and finish school?

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 02:50
well, next week I have final exams, and thursday's the last day. And we start late august

29-05-09, 02:50
8:40 to 2:45

4 classes per day,2 in the morning and 2 after lunch

year is seperated into 2 semesters

every week your morning and afternoon classes switch up.

and in public school they start at the same time 8:40 but end later:D 3:20

I have an art exam tomorrow,school ends(technically) on the 15th or 16th of june...and you go in and out at whatever time your "formal"(not incalss) exams are:)

summer is from usually the 28th-30th untill september the 7th (usually)

29-05-09, 02:51
:eek: We start at 8:45 and end 3:15, but 2:35 on Friday's :p

Tjw croft
29-05-09, 02:52
My schedule is:

07:30 - School starts
12:05 - Lunch
12:35 - Last 2 hours
14:25 - End of day

Just outta curiosity, not that this isn't interesting, but does this still have to do with advice?

29-05-09, 02:53
^ I'm moving to the US :vlol:

EDIT: Whoops! So technically, we're spamming! :eek: Quick stay on topic :vlol:

No, its funny isn't it, how conversations just slip...

29-05-09, 02:59
I wouldn't want school to start anywhere before 8:00:O

I already have to get up at 6:00 to get ready:O