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29-05-09, 10:08
Howdy there, techno-peeps, I've got a slight situation that I need some help with.

Part of my job involves the development of an online Masters Degree teaching haematology diagnostics. As part of the course we've developed a 3-D virtual lab in Java3D that you can walk around, FPS-style and interact with various lab equipment etc.

Basically, I've been tasked with putting together some promotional videos to showcase the lab for marketing purposes, but have very little idea about how to capture video from my pc in an editable format.

I've tried fraps, but it runs so slowly when the lab is open, it's absolutely no use. I've also tried something called Freez, but also no good. Either the framrate is through the floor or the quality is so bad it's unusable.

If anyone could give me any pointers as to how to capture some HQ video (sound's not necessary) at a decent framrate, I will give them the grand prize of an e-cookie :D

29-05-09, 11:06
Since my Fraps decided to start filming at 8 fps after I upgraded my graphics card, I've been using GameCam... It's ok... Gets the job done.

Minty Mouth
29-05-09, 12:04
CamStudio is a very simple and easy to use recording software with great quality :)

29-05-09, 12:21
Thanks guys, I'll give 'em a go.