View Full Version : What was Tomb Raiders "competition" back then?

29-05-09, 10:54
You know, just like how Resident Evil had Silent Hill as a contestant in the Survival Horror genre, what was competing against Tomb Raider in the PSX/PC days? If there is one, off course...

Also, there´s another question I´d like to ask, do you guys associate how immersive the past games were, to camera placement and control methods?

Thanks in advance.

29-05-09, 12:05
The Super Nintendo games such as Super Mario: Legend Of The Seven Stars I would imagine. The platforms were competing against one another more so than specific game titles and genres. Nintendo and Playstation were the biggest competitors in this respect.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "control methods". Are you referring to how the game characters were moved within the game's environment or something "deeper" than that?

29-05-09, 12:46
I think practically every game was competing with the standards of Tomb Raider... I mean, it was revolutionary: one of the first ever games in history to use a fully explorable and interactive 3D environment.

29-05-09, 12:57
I don't remember much competition. I guess many games tried to out-do Tomb Raider in terms of action-adventure or attractive, slightly tom-boy, female protagonists .

29-05-09, 13:22
Short memories,
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29-05-09, 13:37
The second question is a bit hard to understand and to explain I´ll try my best:
- I think that the camera placement is a big factor in making the game more cinematic, immersive, whatever sensations you want to express, and I felt that TR fans didnt like the recent games because of its overly free nature.
- The controls may be silky smooth but it takes away some of that urgency, planing ahead and acrobatic manuvering that the old games had --> It was needed because the camera only showed what was in front of Lara and you responded to that intuitively.
- In Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, Underworld, you´re given complete control of your character, there´s nothing limiting your moves, there´s no barrier to break you know, and I guess it´s that kind of feeling that takes away some of the charm the old games had --> but the controls were clunky, make no mistake, it was the level design that helped them bein bearable.
- And I think it´s that balance that any Tomb Raider game has yet to achieve. Having the camera show everything that is needed, without being restricting and the character movement being fluid and intuitive. Try to fit Tomb Raider on an Ico game. Some tweaks would be needed, mainly because of combat.

Sorry if this seems confusing. Feel free to ask anything and to criticize.