View Full Version : Many Songs on a CD or DVD

29-05-09, 16:18
How do i put 30 or 50 Songs on a CD or a DVD with Nero.

29-05-09, 16:30
Open Nero and tell it to make a data (or MP3) cd and select your song files and click burn.

29-05-09, 16:35
Could you Explain a little more in Detail please. :o:o:o

29-05-09, 16:38
Important thing to note: do you want this CD to be playable in regular CD-players, or only those that support MP3 playback?

29-05-09, 17:00
I want it to play in my Car oror DVD Player or anywhere else. :o:o

Ward Dragon
01-06-09, 09:03
Sorry, I've never used Nero before. Does it have an option like "Make a Music CD"? I think that's what you need to do if you want the disc to be playable in any CD player. I don't think you can fit 30-50 songs on a CD though. I'm not sure if there are music players that play DVD's.

01-06-09, 09:49
I figured it out.

Open Nero Express and Choose JukeBox CD or DVD
Open Windows Media Player and RIP the Songs as MP3
Now Add the Songs to Nero Express and you have your 100 Songs.

Now i hope they will play Anywhere.

01-06-09, 09:53
100 songs on a CD will be in MP3 format. They will only play on CD/DVD players that support MP3 audio. Also note that some CD players don't recognize CD r/w discs. those said, its best to use CD-R discs and burn as "Music CD" or "Audio CD" (however it has it listed in Nero) for best compatibility.

01-06-09, 10:02
So did i just do something wrong, please explain in detail on what and how to do it.

I never use CD r/w discs i hate them

02-06-09, 12:38
If you do the jukebox thing, you can put as many songs on as the disc will allow, but it'll only play in DVD players and car stereo's. If you do the regular CD thing, you can't put that much on but it'll play in CD players.

03-06-09, 06:45
So did i just do something wrong, please explain in detail on what and how to do it.

Just choose "Audio CD" type of project in Nero and place files (MP3/WAV format) in the project. It'll allow to burn 10-16 tracks (converted to CDA automatically) depending on tracks length.