View Full Version : art inspired by TRC's "The Submarine"

30-05-09, 03:18
i've wanted to do a communist propaganda-style piece for this level for a while now. i studied a bunch of their old posters and finally came up with this design. hopefully you'll like it. :)

this one's been reduced to fit the forum guidelines but if you want the full size/resolution version or the PSD file, you can d/l it from my deviantart (http://stereopathic.deviantart.com/art/TR-Fan-Art-The-Submarine-123734514).


30-05-09, 03:43
This style would look great on Justin's TRchronicles site. I like the composition as well :tmb:

Melonie Tomb Raider
30-05-09, 04:22
Wow. You're simply unbelievable. This is fantastic! :D

30-05-09, 11:35
That's awesome! I love that style of art/poster

30-05-09, 11:41
Gorgeous! I would love to have that has a poster! :tmb:

30-05-09, 13:16
thanks, guys! i'm blown away by your kind words. Quasi, talk to justin for me. let's get this done. :D

30-05-09, 13:17
For reals?

30-05-09, 13:21
no no no. haha. :D

30-05-09, 13:54
Awesome work! It kinda reminds me of the posters for rides you see at Disneyland. *Fantasizes about a TR theme park.*

I'm going to Russia later this year and this has really got me in the mood, crazy as that sounds. :tmb:

Alex Fly
30-05-09, 13:58
Very nice. Well done ! :tmb:

30-05-09, 14:01
Ah that's excellent Brett :tmb: That would have been a good piece of conceptual artwork, ya know like these (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/artwork/legacy_35.html) for example ;)

30-05-09, 14:11
Awesome. :)

It kinda looks like on of those posters a B-Movie would have used in the 70s or something. That's a compliment, by the way. :ton:

God Horus
30-05-09, 14:14
That's amazing!

Great work :jmp:

30-05-09, 14:56
Awesome picture. :tmb: I like your use of Russian letters as well.

Legend Killer
30-05-09, 16:55
You've certainly captured that old time propaganda feel. Well done! :tmb:

Nerd For Life
30-05-09, 17:13
This is great. Definitely right-click-saved. :D

30-05-09, 17:53
Wow, that's fantastic. You captured the style perfectly :cool:

30-05-09, 17:57
Whoah, awesome or what?! :cln:

young Lara Croft
30-05-09, 19:01
Man! :tmb: this is so awesome! I love the submarine poster !

30-05-09, 22:16
i'm positive i can't thank y'all enough for your kind words. each and every one of you, thank you. :)

30-05-09, 22:38
Now that's artistic :tmb: Awesome concept there stereopathic!

30-05-09, 23:25
That's amazing! :tmb: