View Full Version : Oh please! Does anyone know how to get creases out of paper?

Chocola teapot
31-05-09, 18:43
I have a folder full of A4 manga drawings, Hours and hours of work.
I left the folder under a pillow and now about 64 pictures have a very large vertical crease in them. I'm devastated... I frantically googled everything I could about fixing creases.. Nothing exept for what I already know.
I need a faster alternative to putting them under heavy books and I have tried different ways of ironing them with sheets, towels, no steam and I have ruined about 6 pics already!

Please, does anyone know how to fix paper creases other than:

1: Putting them in heavy books.

2: Ironing the pictures.

Minty Mouth
31-05-09, 18:53
I think youre stuck im afraid.

If you bend them in the opposite direction, exactly along the crease, you can make the paper lye flat, but it will still have the line going down it.

31-05-09, 19:01
You could try hair straighteners on a realllly low setting with something protective between the straighteners and the paper

31-05-09, 19:02
try bending them the other way... on your desk edge .. hold the ends of the paper press on the edge while pulling in one direction

31-05-09, 19:03
Please, does anyone know how to fix paper creases other than:

1: Putting them in heavy books.

2: Ironing the pictures.

I think they're the only ways. :rolleyes: (and bending them the other way like the above have said.)

That's such a shame. :( Try doing the above things to reduce the size of the crease though, although ironing leaves stain marks if you're not careful.

31-05-09, 19:09
Something I'd suggest, if you have a scanner?

Scan the pictures with books ontop and save them.

31-05-09, 19:40
What kind of paper?

God Horus
31-05-09, 20:05
Putting really, really heavy stuff on it should straighten it out a bit.

This sounds crazy (test it out on something else first) but once I folded a really important piece of paper. I fixed it by putting a little bit of water on the fold on the back, and then folding it in the opposite direction, then putting it down, covering it with heavy books, and ironing it a bit the next day. It worked and you couldn't really tell it was folded. But be careful make sure you don't ruin it by putting water on it!!!

31-05-09, 20:34
Do you have an elephant?

Just kidding. That's terrible! I think the safest way is to put them under something really heavy and be patient.

Here's a hug: :hug:

31-05-09, 22:10

I think the sacnner way may work:)

if you have a scanner and a printer you could....

scan it onto your computer with heavy books on it:)(the scanner would help itself)

then if you still see some of the crease,try touching it up with photoshop or something then print it out:)

31-05-09, 22:11
put some heavy books on them overnight or something while your working maybe ?

31-05-09, 22:21
Take a Hot Iron and a Towel, now put the Paper under the Towel and Iron the Towel with the Paper under it, that should get most of the creases out.

Chocola teapot
01-06-09, 09:17
Thankyou guys! :hug:
I will try all of these! :D

01-06-09, 09:20
Place heavy books ontop of an iron on high heat which is sitting on the lid of the scanner you have the paper placed in. Leave over night.

Instant win. :D

TR love
01-06-09, 09:21
2: Ironing the pictures.
a hair straightener then?
hehe. sorry it popped into my mind
NO, im sorry for your misfortune

01-06-09, 10:33
Scanner trick and Ironing works very well for me

Also I'm curious about ur work can u scan and show us?

01-06-09, 12:30
If your manga is black and white, photostating a new one might work. You'll have a smooth new page and all your inking in place.

I did one before. :)

Chocola teapot
01-06-09, 14:55
I dont have a scanner :( Im getting a scanner/Printer soon though.
After leaving the paper overnight the crease is less harsh... I suppose ill leave them longer.