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01-06-09, 11:16
I was hoping someone who's had this problem could shed some light on a remedy for this. I bought TRL for the PC new from Amazon.com. When the game arrived it was a Jewel Case version published by Cosmi Corp. I did my research on them & found that they are a publisher for Eidos so I thought cool, legit. I installed the game & the title screen says version 1.0 in yellow on the lower right side of the screen. I start the game & everything works fine but the Xbox 360 controller. So I download & install the official patch v1.2 to enable support for the 360 controller. Patch installed successfully.

Next, I go to start the game & I get a "Wrong Disc Inserted" error. "Please insert the original TombRaider7 CD/DVD." I say to myself WTH! This is the original disc! So I uninstalled & reinstalled the game & downloaded the official European patch v1.1 just in case & still same error. So I contact SecuROM customer support, send them the analysis file & they respond with this. "It seems that your game disc isn't compatible with the patch you've downloaded. Please uninstall the patch & your game should work fine again."

The whole point in installing a patch is to get the game running on better code. So, has anyone got a remedy for me? I'm thinking about just returning the game to Amazon. Any help is appreciated.


Ward Dragon
01-06-09, 11:21
Did you send them an analysis of the game with patch 1.2 (the American version)? They are supposed to get things working properly instead of simply telling you not to patch the game :confused:

01-06-09, 11:52
Yes, I did. They weren't much help at all. I'm stumped. :(

jeffrey van oort
01-06-09, 19:27
Sometimes the disc only gets read by a disc-writeable laser.
It happens with me a lot. Also I don't keep the disc in when I start my machine. It makes weird sounds if I start it up also it sometimes detects the dvd as a virus (mcAfee)

02-06-09, 07:29
What region is the game itself, European or American? Considering the 1.2 patch works on all disc versions l would sent it back, any re-released version sold now should be version 1.2. When uninstalling the game make sure you use the TR Registry Cleaner( trrc.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trrc.exe) )to clean the registry before reinstalling and trying another patch. If you run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) while you have the original game installed without any patches, and post the report here we might be able to see if there is anything different about the game from the original version.

02-06-09, 11:15
Thanks all for the reply & assistance! :hug:

I thought I'd give an update on what I did to rectify this situation. I downloaded an "alternative" Non-SecuROM protected trl.exe file & replaced the install version. It is too bad crap like SecuROM effects even those like me who support & buy games new.

Regardless, I'm playing TRL & it is sweet. Although Next-Gen frame rate can drop at times despite my system easily surpassing the Optimal Requirements for this game.


03-06-09, 06:40
I downloaded an "alternative" Non-SecuROM protected trl.exe file & replaced the install version.

Regardless to situation we DO NOT support any kind of piracy or illegal downloads. Therefore closed.