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Tomb Raider: The lost Isle Of Kronos (my Idea for the next game)


Beneath the hero's of Greece... the lush and prosperous lands and wealthy kings... lies a tradgic story of the lost isle of Kronos.
Kronos a Greek son of the titans rose up agaisnt the gods and flourished a mythical land of beauty the world has ever seen.
However he was punished and the land lost to time and history...Until now...

After uncovering symbols unknown to man Lara Croft figures out it leads to the lost Isle of Kronos.

Set during 2007 Lara travels to all the unforgettable locations... Greece, Egypt, The Andes AND of course the isle of Kronos and Croft manor...

Lara will don her classic vest and shorts whilst also a new bikini, her croft manor outfit and old SOLA wetsiut with wet boots. AND the newest outfit... a beneath the ashes stlye smart casual suit outfit for the urban areas of greece.

Her equipment this time around will consist of more logical means instead of technical... replacing the grapple for indianna jones style rope and hook...binoculars stay and her twin guns... and flashlight and this time a combat knife strapped around her leg and NO ear piece...

the objective for this game would be the silent and dangerous enviornment and the wildlife that lurks around every corner...Bats...sharks...leopards...vultures...

there is only one jeep chase during the game and thats in the valley of the kings... besides that there are only 3 other people who die throughout the game.

there are no interactive cut scenes yet there are the slow motion or quick time one that are presented in underworld... there is also an interesting flashback were Lara is taken back in time to watch teh Titanomachy the war of the titans and gods... however she is then thrust into the middle of it to uncover how to get to Kronos from the underwater greek tomb of Posiden after fighting the guardian of Posiden.. a large sea serpant.

The game ends with a fight to the death with Lara and the villain Professor Merez... Lara with her trusty old school twin pistols against Merez with the sword of Kronos... used in the battle of the gods.

... wont spoil the ending and have only told enough for you to get a rough idea of the story and the game features hope u have enjoyed reading this and tell me what you think should happen in the other sections... EGYPT AND THE ANDES...

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It sounds very interesting, but you should have posted it in the 'Future TR games' section. :)

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Mikeycroft, you have already made an identical thread in the appropriate section, so there is no need for this one.
I am therefore going to close it.