View Full Version : Transfering information from the computer onto and off of a memory stick?

01-06-09, 22:54
ok, so the title is pretty straight forward.

I cannot figure out how to transfer the files from my computer to my memory stick,and need to know how to take it off of the memory stick and onto another computer:)

please help:)

02-06-09, 01:36
What Operating System are you using?
If you are using Windows Xp plug the memory stick into one of your usb slots it should come up as Removable storage in my computer which is under where your hard drive or hard drives are. For example it might be Removable disk (H:) when you find out what the drive is you can copy your files from your computer. What you do is right click the file you want to copy and look down the list until you see send to then you click on whatever removable drive letter your memory stick is then will copy the files over to the memory stick.

When you take the memory stick to the other computer plug it into a usb slot the computer should recognise it and a box with the drive name will come up and I usually click open file when that opens you right click the files you want to copy to the computer wait until that finishes and its done.

I hope this helps.

02-06-09, 03:40
or just open the flash drive in one explorer window + the other files/folders in another windows. drag from one to the other.

do that in reverse for the other machine.

FYI: when the drive is first plugged in, the "autorun" menu should appear - when it does, you can select the option to "open folder to view files"