View Full Version : Stupid n00b question about monitor resolution

02-06-09, 09:28
Hi guys, this is such a waste of your time but I don't fix this I'll go bloody mental.

My screen's gone a bit bonkers, the resolutions gone wrong so everything is huge, and it's set itself slightly to the left, so on the right side of the screen there's a big black bar.

I know there's a simple way of fixing this, but I don't know what it is! Halp plz

By the way, I'm running Vista. Obvious really, isn't it?

Legend Killer
02-06-09, 09:47
If you right-click anywhere on the desktop (except on an icon) you can select Personalize from the bottom of the list and then click on Display Settings to adjust the display resolution. Hope this helps. :)

02-06-09, 09:50
Cheers mate, but I've already tried that. It doesn't give me any options to resize the screen, or bloody recentre it, for that matter!

Legend Killer
02-06-09, 10:46
Is this a laptop or a desktop system? I'm assuming you have administrator rights to it?

You can also change the display settings by going through the Control Panel.

Click on Start,> Control Panel>Personalization icon (in the Classic view). If you are not using the Classic view, under the Appearance and Personalization heading, select Adjust Screen Resolution. If this is still not an option, try to adjust it in safe mode if possible.

02-06-09, 13:22
There is absolulety nothing to fix it when I go in like that. Am about to scream. How do I get into Safe mode and how do I adjust it there?

EDIT: Panic over! Turns ouyt it was a monitor fault, not a system fault. My mate helped me fix it. Thanks for your help though!

02-06-09, 14:05
may need monitor drivers to be installed for one
may need to re-install graphics card drivers for two
thirdly, off-centeredness has to be corrected with the buttons ON the monitor ;)