View Full Version : What the heck is going on?

02-06-09, 15:31
I posted in the TR II forum yesterday to a topic about 'The Opera House level,' now I look and the topic is nowhere to be seen. What has happened?

02-06-09, 15:32
Deleted or moved?

02-06-09, 15:32
Perhaps a Mod moved the topic to a location you don't have access to, or deleted it altogether?

02-06-09, 15:37
It makes no sense, it was an old topic, had about 30 something replies, I dug it up and replied, so then it was on the 1st page, now it is gone. Unless mods do not like old topics being revived or something or something?

02-06-09, 15:39
How old was the topic? Any more than a month (or 3 months, I dunno, the rules on that seem to have changed) is a no no. Plus it usually has to be a substantial reply as well to warrant the continuation of a topic that old.

02-06-09, 15:40
From what I can tell, the post(s) were deleted because you bumped a thread that was 3 years old.
Feel free to start a new one, but we have rules against resurrecting dead threads.