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03-06-09, 18:43
Okay, guys. I've recently thought of buying a new TR-game to add to my, ehm, collection, but sadly, I don't have that much of an experience of the fantastic, old TR-series. I've only played TR4, some short demos of TR1 and TR2, Legend, Anniversary and Underworld.

Now, since I have absolutely no idea which game is more worth buying than the other, and am completely corrupted buy all the "rumors" I've heard of each game, I want you to make the decision:
Which game should I buy?

I really, really like TR4; a brilliant, long game. I enjoyed the demos of TR1 and TR2, too, and I miss the old days when I used to sit up all night, constantly playing those exciting levels (I don't have them anymore).

Anniversary is my absolute favorite game, thought it was great! Amazing atmosphere and gameplay. A huuge thanks to CD for creating this superb game!

So... help me out, please?

03-06-09, 18:46
Go for good ol' TR1. Can't lose out there. :tmb:

03-06-09, 18:47
Yeah, start off with the original or 3. :tmb:

03-06-09, 18:52
TR1 TR2 TR3 are the Best and since TR3 are still in Stores, i say go for it. ;)

03-06-09, 19:07
Thanks, everyone! I shall think about it.

03-06-09, 19:39
I would recommend AoD because I personally think it's brilliant, but I don't think I'd recommend it to you just yet... no doubt the gameplay is frustrating. :p

I'd probably go for TR1-3, they were the Golden Age of TR IMO. :D