View Full Version : Scary Thunder! Salem, Oregon 6/03/09 7:52

04-06-09, 02:57
OMG! this was scary! It was only a couple minutes ago! I Heard Thunder really close to my house! Anybody else from Salem, Oregon Here This???

04-06-09, 03:02
This belongs in General Chat. :wve:

04-06-09, 03:22
This belongs in General Chat. :wve:

This, Is... General Chat...

04-06-09, 03:23
Gladous meant, "Open Chat XI"

Not to be mean, but this suits better there :o

04-06-09, 11:22
Lightning struck my house once, it hit the gutter just outside the room I was in. It was VERY VERY loud.

It was kinda cool though, and I was glad my house didnt like... explode.

04-06-09, 13:22
Given the vast diversity of our forum, it's not likely that you'll find many people from Salem Oregon. Sooooo....Open Chat would be better me thinks. :)