View Full Version : Fraps just stopped working!

04-06-09, 17:17

So, today I'm recording Protected by the dead, it's going good, I screw up, I quit the game to take a break, I quit Fraps, I go back to it to try my luck again, I run fraps, fraps won't open. I uninstall Fraps, install the thing again, run it, it won't open.

WHAT NAAAAOOOOOW!??!?!?! I refuse to pass over to another recording program, Fraps was now sth like another part of my body for God's sake! Used it every f***ing day! Oh god I hope there's someone who's gonna help me otherwise I dunno what I'll do:(

04-06-09, 18:29
Is it the full version, or the demo/trial?

Did you re-register it correctly ( yes, I know, obvious question :o )

Try uninstalling again THEN reboot PC after uninstalling. Then delete any registry entries for fraps.exe BEFORE reinstalling.

This is all the advice I can offer at the moment :(

( I had a bad experience with Fraps a few years ago. I had the trial version, then a new build was released so I downloaded and installed it. I then registered it ( payed version )
It would not run !!! I had to reformat my PC to get it working again!! This was extreme, so I hope you do not have to go through this. )

04-06-09, 18:31
Thanks, but I've done all of that already and it just...doesn't work...:hea:

04-06-09, 18:37
All I can suggest now is either wait for someone else to give you some more advice, or visit the FRAPS WEBSITE (http://fraps.com/) and check out the FAQ section. Or send them an email telling them your problem :)

I really hope you have better luck than I did, and you get it sorted out.


04-06-09, 20:10
Ok so here's what I did - uninstalled the damn thing, erased EVERYTHING that could remember it, rebooted my machine about three times (not intentionally though), installed the thing into different drive giving it a different folder name this time, and it works now. But somehow I feel like it'll stop working again anytime soon:confused: