View Full Version : Does anyone know if this is true or rumor?

04-06-09, 20:40
i just heard Kirsten Dunst died. that she commited suicide. :(
she is one of my favorite actresses, mostly because she plays mary-jane in spiderman. (im so jealous)
well, my stepdad knows of my obsession with spiderman, and i dont know if he was just trying to upset me, or if this is real.
does anyone know true or rumor?
pleases and thank-yous

04-06-09, 20:41
err what? I think you heard wrong. There was an actress who was in Spiderman that committed suicide, but it wasn't Kirsten dunst.

Mad Tony
04-06-09, 20:42
I seriously doubt it. Nothing about it on the news, and a quick Google search of "Kirsten Dunst suicide" reveals absolutely nothing. :wve:

Remember, Google is your friend.

04-06-09, 20:42
Um, just a rumor...

Jack Croft
04-06-09, 20:42
Dont think so. :(

Lee croft
04-06-09, 20:44
i hope not!!! i really like her i even had a crush on her when i was little

04-06-09, 20:46
oh thank you jesus! so it was someone else who commited suicide from spiderman? who was that?

Tjw croft
04-06-09, 20:48
The british actress who played a reporter in SpiderMan 3

04-06-09, 20:48
It was Lucy Gordon who commited suicide.

04-06-09, 20:48
here (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1185450/Spider-Man-actress-Lucy-Gordon-left-suicide-notes-hanging-Paris-flat.html)

04-06-09, 20:48
That was a looooong time ago...:o

04-06-09, 21:04
It was Lucy Gordon who commited suicide.

Therein lies the confusion. It was said that an actress from Spiderman died, and it was assumed to be Kirsten.