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:}hello friend
04-06-09, 21:18
Basically what you did when you were a kid that got you in trouble, since you were a kid you didn't know it would get you in trouble... I hope this is original

If this idea is already taken.....im sorry

04-06-09, 21:19

04-06-09, 21:19
I was quiet and calm...Although I couldn't sleep at all!:D

04-06-09, 21:43
Stole a wallet in grade 2.
Reduced my grade 6 teacher to a scream of frustration and then she pulled at her hair and left the room. Didnt come back for several hours.
Verbally abused my grade 7 teacher.

I was badass.

Croft, Lara
04-06-09, 21:44
My sister stole my Action Man so I rammed a door into her face.

But she did push me in front on traffic once!

04-06-09, 21:45
i remember i stole someones inhaler in Primary 6 :whi:

04-06-09, 21:48
My sister stole my Action Man so I rammed a door into her face.

But she did push me in front on traffic once!

Damn! Sisters are EVIL! :o

I got into trouble at school once for breaking a classroom window with a basketball. But other than that I was a little angel. :)

04-06-09, 22:06
Hitting people who annoyed me, and biting people. I used to bite everyone...:o

04-06-09, 22:11
In general I was a pretty good kid, I did steal 3 pence worth of sweets though for my sister when she was in bed with measles!

04-06-09, 22:13
please don't think i'm a wierdo when I say this. I once bit a kid because he was in the way of the geography map :( i told him to move lol but he didn't

04-06-09, 22:16
I stole Mickey Mouse earings, then lied and said they came with some candy I bought.:vlol:

I love Mickey Mouse that much. xD

Also beating up a Woody doll and saying it was my dad.:whi: Everything else was just me being a little **** and biting and hitting my siblings.:p

They asked for it.:pi: (Btw I'm not that bad anymore:p)

04-06-09, 22:27
Skipped school multiple times...will never do that again.

04-06-09, 22:29
Oh dear, don't get me started...:mis:

- We (me and my brothers) used to make sort of magic potions (just water with different sorts of soap so it became greenish) and one day we decided to throw it on people who were passing by downstairs.. Anyway, the stuff fell on a lady (on her coat) and she started to scream and was so angry (apparently the coat had just been cleaned for her) and ran to the stairs to get us. We ran off to hide. She didn't get us...:ton:
- Ringing door bells and then run away, but who didn't do that as a kid? ;)
- Drawing obscene pictures and putting them in random people's post boxes.

Hmm, I don't think I ever got into trouble for any of that...


Don't blame me, blame my brothers. :tea:

:}hello friend
04-06-09, 23:58
I used to play with my dads water hose... and sprayed him and my mom when they walked by me :)

I threw a toy car at my cousins nose, then she threw it back, and it hit me in the eye D:

I left my underwear at my grandmas house under the sink, I lied when she asked if it was mine.

I stayed up to two o'clock playing Checkers with myself...

05-06-09, 00:05
Hm... let me think...

- I spilled some soup on the floor
- I spilled some Lucozade on my great-grandmother's brand new rug
- I used to shove everything under my bed when 'tidying' my room
- My dad got a list of my attendance at school and realised I had 52 absences
- I never tidied my tray out at school (though the teacher never told me to)
- I was cheeky to a lot of people

05-06-09, 00:09
Talking too much in school, talking back, and drawing on my notebook paper which my parents CONSTANTLY had to rebuy due to me "wasting" it.

Nenya awakens
05-06-09, 00:12
Skipped school far to much to get dunk... then turned up to my RE exam stoned and got a B! which was weird!

when i was smaller i used to steal my nans high heels and jewellery and parade around the garden in them.. she was not impressed!

Also i used to steal random things from around the house and hide them in the garage!

05-06-09, 05:03
HUGE water fight in the bathroom with my cousin. We could only find two towels, so we took clothes from my dresser to soak up the water. Then I realized my mom would be ****ed if she saw all of my clothes wet, so we stuck them back in my dresser. Of course my mom found out because we didn't think of the ceiling, so when my mom went in water dripped on her head. In my defense, we were only 5 or 6.

05-06-09, 05:12

-Cut all my hair off when I was 4.
-Slapped my little brother in the face.
-Broke some glass things.
-Ripped a work page up in Kindergargen because the marker I was using bled through.
-Back sassed my Mom.

There's probably more, but I can't think of any.

05-06-09, 05:22
I was never really bad at school, unless influenced by my friend.

05-06-09, 05:31
When I was eight years old I climbed on the roof of a friend's house. His mother was in the garden and bursted into tears.

05-06-09, 06:20
Talking while the damn teacher talks even at Uni) and laughing when I'm not meant to. Once I like outsmarted a teacher in 3rd Grade, her car got stolen, she said it was like old and only worth like 50cents, and I asked her why didn't you sell it? And she said because it was only worth 50 cents, and she could do nothing with it, and I said she could give it to the poor, she was speechless but gave me that look. I had to stay back, for SMARTNESS! :D

05-06-09, 07:36
ive skipped school a few times in the past (sometimes i still do shamfully) and i answer back to teachers ESPECIALLY my gaelic teacher we had an arguement she was shoutin at me i started shoutin at her she transfered me to another classroom and i was shoutin she was a child abuser and on the way to the other class i was shoutin "HELP child abuse" nd i told the teacher i got moved to that my gaelic teacher made it all up because she dont like me LMAO

05-06-09, 07:42
Curiousness. I was, and still am, an extremely curiouss kid. I was experimenting with everything and wanting to know everything. Plus not even my mother could tell if I were lying or telling the truth. That caused a lot of trouble.. especially when I was honest and did tell the truth about what happened. Would still get beaten up. Gotta love violent parents.

05-06-09, 07:44
Just the usual childishness :)

I was a good kid :D

05-06-09, 11:16
I was a nightmare when I was younger, I've broken my sisters finger and dislocated my other sisters arm. It was all accidental... of course :pi:
I was never allowed to go on school trips as I was always on some form of report (we had a traffic light system) and I was constantly on red. Then I really toned down much later actually.

TR love
05-06-09, 12:11
I ran away when i was 6 to go back over someones house..

thats pretty much it, i wasnt bad

05-06-09, 12:19
I used to be really bad in primary school LOLZ
Erm.... Constant fighting, once i threw someones school jumper in a river lolz and I had to wash it out in the staff room:ton:

In High School, used to join all the riots that used to happen was so funny lol]

Now I've calmed down, although will still do stuff if tempted by friends..
And I alwasy back chat, especially to my college teacher - I hate her SO much.. hehe:ton:

05-06-09, 12:25
I broke everything in my way, specially the porcelain, and throw food on the walls till I was 10

05-06-09, 12:43
When I was in year 2 at primary school, me and 2 other boys stole some of the teachers chalk and we wrote swear words on a brick wall outside, during break. It was a wall that the children would pass at the end of every break time lol.

So typically I was the one who was caught, and I grassed up the other 2 boys. I was in tears lol. My god I was a brat at primary school, until secondary school I turned over a new leaf :) So the teachers there love me! :D

05-06-09, 12:44

Lee croft
05-06-09, 13:17
i pushed a tv over when i was 2... i dont think i got in touble though

ultima espio
05-06-09, 13:34
I played Goldie locks and the three ****ing bears lol

"WHERES MY ****ING PORRIDGE?!?!":vlol: