View Full Version : Are discussion forums dying out?

05-06-09, 08:13
I notice a lot seem to be losing activity as people go to Twitter and MySpace.

05-06-09, 08:23
The only discussion forums I use are TRF, which seems to be doing alright, and Tomb Runner, which also seems to be doing alright.

I wouldn't say that forums are dying due to people going to Twitter and Myspace, more sort of they don't want to go on the forums. And then Twitter and Myspace are there also that people just happen to go on.

05-06-09, 08:35
I have a myspace, but I don't go there as often as TRF. but truth be told, you could break Myspace down like an advanced forum really. everyone's "myspace" page is like the profile pages we have here at TRF, only more advanced to include custom layout ability, HTML embedding of video and audio players etc.. Myspace also has a forum as well, albeit largely unmoderated. Or should I say.. it has moderators that don't moderate. Oh.. and its crawling with all sorts of crappy code and (what I would consider) potential security risks.

twitter... never used it. I thought it was just another POS to tell you the truth.

05-06-09, 08:55
I don't think they're dying out, well TRF isn't anyway. I had a MySpace but deleted it for the simple fact that it was full of random Emo's adding me as friends and it was an utter pile of ****. And Twitter, don't even get me started... it's possibly the most -un-addictive (is that even a word) and pointless things ever. I really don't want to know when my friends are on the toilet or doing it in the back of their car...

Minty Mouth
05-06-09, 09:43
I realy dont think so. In fact, I think theyre on the rise. Generally the Kind of thing you do on MySpace and Twitter is compeletely different to the kind of thing you do on Forums.

If anything, all this attention to community on the internet should increase traffic to internet forums.