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Jean Yves
05-06-09, 13:06
Hi guys, havn't been on here in ages.

I have re installed TRLE again and am suffering from the same problem as I did before. For each TGA texture pack, the textures are the normal size at the top of the texture pane but become squashed and indistinguishable at the bottom of the texture pane so it isn't plausible to use most of the texture packs, seriously hindering my creativity when garnishing my levels lol.

I'm running the program on Vista and this (I think) is a pic of the problem, notice how squashed the textures are.


Thanks for any suggestions
Jean Yves

05-06-09, 13:13
Actually it's hard to say what is "squashed" on this picture :) Can you make a close image with part of textures panel only?

Also run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report.

BTW, do you have Vista compatible version of TRLE?

Jean Yves
05-06-09, 13:23
I downloaded the TRLE from tombraiderchronicles.com under the WINDOWS VISTA heading so i asume it's Vista compatible :-)
Maybe this pic is clearer:



Actually, i have just been fiddling round with it, and I've found texture files in another location that don't squash up like that, I don't know why those other ones did, so sorry, one problem solved :-) but do you know where I could download new texture files? maybe some that other users have made?

05-06-09, 21:00
I think those are the object textures, not the ones used to texture the level. The level ones should be all 64x64 pixels in size. Try http://www.trsearch.org/ for textures and many other TRLE related downloads.

God Horus
05-06-09, 21:41
Those textures look to me like object textures? Normal level textures are usually split into chunks of 64x64, 128x128, or 256x256.

Object textures are just all over the place, like what you posted. And I can make out lip textures and ear textures there, so they have to be object textures. :confused: