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06-06-09, 12:30
Has anyone ever heard of a game called tum raider? It's a game that was released after AOD, after Core found out that they were gonna be dropped. It was relesed for the PC.You use a really fat man, that pratacally looks like Lara(clothes and what - not wise), and you go around tombs looking for food.

Here is a link:


Trust me, it's SO funny!

Also, I'd like to get it, so could someone try and look for it on Ebay or Amazon for me. I'm not very good when it comes to search engines.

Btw, I'm not sure it's really a game, my bro told me and he tends to lie a lot.


06-06-09, 13:12
It's not a game :vlol:

Funny spoof though. :p

06-06-09, 13:17
LMAO. I've never seen this or heard before.

Looks too edited to be a proper game lol.

06-06-09, 13:59
it's a parody, not a game! :D
but anyways, I have seen that video allot and I love it! :D