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07-06-09, 09:34
Hello everyone,

Recently I've been having problem loading PS1 games on my PS2. They takes ages to boot up, and sometimes they don't at all and I have to reset my console.

I already some games twice like TR1 and TR3. But it's the same deal.

So far, I don;t have any problem with PS2 games (touch wood). Only the PS1 games.

What do you think? Is it time for me to purchase a new console? My PS2 is about 6-7 years old now.

07-06-09, 09:59
strange, this doesn't happen with my PS2 :confused:

07-06-09, 10:02
I've had the same problem with PS1 games, I purchased another PS2 console about 2 months ago and the PS1 games work a lot better.

08-06-09, 02:04
It is likely your PS1 laser, on your PS2 (the laser which reads only PS1 games) is broken. Have you tried running CD PS2 games on your PS2? What I mean are some of the earlier games (2000-2002 (run from CD)), the newer ones run on a DVD disc. The same problem happens to me, I can't read CD PS2 games or PS1 games. So just try to see if older (around 2000) PS2 games work, if you have any, or go to a game repair shop, and repair your laser. Hope this helps, P_C. ;)

Ward Dragon
08-06-09, 02:10
Have you tried other types of discs such as music CD's or movie DVD's? I also heard that it's harder for the laser to read blue PS2 discs as opposed to silver, so that's something to test as well if you have any blue discs. Perhaps the laser is wearing out :(

08-06-09, 06:05
It is likely your PS1 laser, on your PS2 (the laser which reads only PS1 games) is broken...

To clear things: PS2 has CD and DVD lasers, not a mystical PS1 and PS2 lasers ;) But, regardless, one of them can be broken or the laser lens is worn out or dirty.

12-06-09, 18:28
Sorry for the late reply guys, and thank you for yours.

I just bought a new PS2 on my way home from work. I haven't tried it yet. Hopefully, it should solve this issue.