View Full Version : Problems with AoD :(

08-06-09, 04:08
I'm on the Louvre Galleries, the third part an it is all black, no textures, no nothing. I thought i needed to patch it, so i used TRC.com trupdate to be able to do something on my own. But now i want to load the game, this appears

"Build Aug 6 2003 11:12:23

The Following Error has occured


TRAOD_P4.EXE caused a EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module TRAOD_P4.EXE at 001B:00581C31

001B:00581C31 TRAOD"

Any clue?

08-06-09, 04:11
Have you tried playing eith the other executables? Are you using the SCU?

08-06-09, 04:21
none of the other executables seems to work. SCU just make the game crush <<.
I just tried another levels, it seems it this one in particular.