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08-06-09, 09:26
I do not mean to offend but how much time do some of you spend on these TR games, particularly the classics, I mean when I used to talk to my friends we would discuss what level we were stuck on or how to get past different bits, it seems a lot of people here find it simple, even TR's I, II and III.:eek::eek::eek::eek: Even if I play through a game again after a while I still forget what to do and find it hard sometimes, not so much the newer versions but the original TR's. Looking at the in-game times people breeze past levels it really seems as if it is not much of a challenge for you people.

08-06-09, 09:32
The Classics are a Challenge and i still remember here and there on what to do, but the Crystal Games are a Breeze since its a One Way Ticket from Start to Finish.

I still prefer the Classics to the Crystal Games, thats why i like TRU and Love LS.

Lara Fan 4Life
08-06-09, 09:38
I've played the classic TR games numerous times, yet I still find one spot that I get stuck and need help on. That is what I love about Core's games. With Crystals, although they are getting there, I find their games to be easy and sweet. But, I think this has to do with the control scheme as well. As the classic games had awkward controls, it took forever to get somewhere or line up a jump, making the game harder. While the new games have much better control over Lara and makes it more easier.

08-06-09, 09:39
I actually spend more time on CD's games more than Cores, it's funny because I actually like Cores game better? :D
maybe it's because there is allot of replay value in the new games but there isn't in the classics. I still play the classics occasionally, and I still get stuck on something and have to look up a walkthrough! :D

08-06-09, 10:48
Nope, the classic games do take a while, but the new ones can be done in just a few hours easily.

08-06-09, 10:59
No one finds them simple, they are hard. The challenge that was provided to us is simply amazing and we do get stuck at times, at least I know I do :D And it feels really great.

08-06-09, 12:06
I used to play the classic games a lot when I was about 16, hardly ever anymore. Although I still use my PS1 now and again. :)

08-06-09, 12:09
I haven't played the classics YET.
But, I still spend many hours on the crystal ones. Not because they're difficult, but because I like them!:D

08-06-09, 12:14
I haven't played TR1-3 (I'm sorry Goose! I'll get to it! :D), I don't play CD's games anymore coz they bore me, but I would finish them within a couple of hours when I was playing them.