View Full Version : HELP!! things not working!

08-06-09, 18:13
So for some reason, when i play TRAOD i can't draw my gun, and when i find medipacks or candy bars, they don't do anything. i don't understand what's wrong...any help?? i'm at the serpent rouge level and it's hard to get to the lights without killing some dudes! and i keep dying!

08-06-09, 18:14
oh, and i'm playing on a PC

08-06-09, 21:25
1. Dont double post use the edit function :p , are you sure the gun has ammo? and to use like Medipacks (candybars) press TAB to get to the menu and look under ITEMS :p

09-06-09, 05:04
Check Controls settings in Game menu for the keys you have for Guns, etc. Rebind them if necessary.