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11-06-09, 04:51
I bought a new 250 Gb HDD, I put it in, and it sees it as a hardware but when I open from My Computer it doesn't see it.

Is there a possibility it's too big of an HDD to be compatible with an old processor?

Pentium 4 3.00 GHz
3.01 GHZ !.00GB of RAM

the 3 visible partitions are from the other HDD


11-06-09, 05:24
it seems you'll have to partition your drive and assign drive letter(s).

right click "My Computer" and choose:

Manage->Disk Management

there you should see your new drive ( somehow unallocated )

right click the drive and go on with partitioning, formatting and logical drive assigning.

( i'm not 100% sure, if every step is the same on your vista )

11-06-09, 05:25
Go to Control panel > Administrative tools > Computer management > Disk management. You need to partition your new HDD (split into logical drives) if necessary or create one partition for the whole drive length, then format as NTFS all partitions you have created.

-- Edit --
Or the way described above :) (via My Computer context menu).

11-06-09, 14:48
Ok, so how do I partition it in more partitions?:p cuz apparently Partition Magic isn't working anymore fro me :confused:
it's slave btw

13-06-09, 07:37
Right click the disk and select from menu.