View Full Version : Guitar Hero World Tour Wii problems

11-06-09, 11:00
Today, I went to download the two free songs and then I go to play them in quickplay and they work fine. But the problem is after finishing the song the game just freezes on the "Saving" screen.
I thought at first it was a one off thing after finishing the GHOT: Modern Hits theme. But then I do the song again and the same thing happens.
Now I go to play "The Touch" on Bass and the same problem occurs.

So now I CANNOT save the game at all. :(
This is ridiculous, that's the FOURTH problem I've had with this game. First, custom songs crash, then load times are really slow and then online Band Career refuses to work and just kicks me back to the menu after the "Found X Players" screen appears.
Why is the Wii version ALWAYS the buggiest? I hope this doesn't happen in GH:M.

I don't want to have to erase any saved games. I worked so hard for that Rank 38.

EDIT: I just tried playing other songs and that annoying problem happens too. :(