View Full Version : Problem with Office 97

Sega Saturn
11-06-09, 17:10
Alright, I have a Windows ME machine which has Office 97, but, no matter how many times I try, I can't set the only dictionary installed " English (United Kingdom) " to default. :mad:
I click on "English (United Kingdom)" then on "Default..." but it doesn't work, it returns to the previous language, and there's not even a dictionary of that language installed. :rolleyes:

Help? :(

Sega Saturn
13-06-09, 01:49
... anyone?

13-06-09, 07:54
What's your system default language?

Sega Saturn
13-06-09, 21:42
English (United States).

14-06-09, 08:05
I can't remember right now in details, but there can be a setting to match system default language. You can try setting system default to English (UK) and check if dictionary setting will remain set :)