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14-06-09, 17:14
Just got me an aerial for my TV so i can use it for TV instead of just PS3.

Now, i can get standard TV signal (just) using this uber aerial that i bought with an " integral booster unit" but the digital TV can't even be found; it wont even get a poor signal for anything and just says "no signal"

The question is, is the digital reviever in the TV or does the aerial recieve the signal which then passes the signal to the TV itself? I need to know whether to take the thing back or not :o


15-06-09, 01:08
do you have an old non-digital-ready television? if so, you will need to get a DTV converter box like one of these: http://www.solidsignal.com/dtv2009/?xfermeth=directg&gclid=CNjiz6uKi5sCFQLixgodEBLnow

if it is new and digital ready, check the following:
1. are you sure everything is connected proper and that you are in an area that has digital OTA coverage?
2. refer to your television's programming, it may be necessary to switch from "cable" mode to "antenna" or "TV" mode. if the options are not clear - refer to the manual for your television

15-06-09, 09:59
Its a brand new TV and we can get digital in my area yes. I just need to know if digital TV signals are recieved by the TV or through the aerial into the TV.

15-06-09, 12:37
^ Depends on the standards that your TV built-in digital reciever supports: DVB-C (cable), DVB-S (satellite), DVB-T (aerial). Anyway RTFM :)

15-06-09, 13:15
I can't RTFM as it's in the box which is at my grandmothers because theres no space to keep it here. I wouldn't have posted if i could find an answer in that ;)

Our TV downstairs is connected to the main aerial in the house and that recieves freeview fine, but my TV (which due to no socket close by) using the stand alone aerial thingy picks up zilch. Could it just be something as simple as there is completely no reception where the TV is at the minute?

15-06-09, 18:20
Could it just be something as simple as there is completely no reception where the TV is at the minute?

Either that or due to aerial bandwidth difference :)

16-06-09, 13:41
Take your TV downstairs and test it with the main aerial. (I imagine there's a reason you haven't done this).