View Full Version : I think my tv is broken! Help! :(:(:(

14-06-09, 20:19
Just 4 months ago i bought a 32inch HDTV, now it keeps flashing blue, green and red, and it wont produce any other picture or sound. I need help! :(

14-06-09, 20:27
Why are you posting here ???

If it is indeed 4 months old ... take it BACK to where you purchased it from ( with your warrantee / guarantee ) and explain your problem there :)

14-06-09, 22:31
well i was hoping to get some quick help if it wasn't that serious, as i didn't think it could break. Anyways i phoned the company who made it, and they helped me sort it out and it's working now. :D:D

14-06-09, 22:49
Well what was the problem then? Out with it!

15-06-09, 01:09
it was an ID-TEN-T problem

15-06-09, 22:03
I don't know what that was, but all i had to do was put it on standby then take it off again. This may seem obvious, but i had lost my remote, so switching it off and unplugging etc. did nothing.

It still frightened me at the time though :(

Well what was the problem then? Out with it!

A bit hasty eh? :D

it was an ID-TEN-T problem