View Full Version : Universal remotes, and how they're driving me crazy.

15-06-09, 18:37
Hi guys,

I've just bought a new remote for my TV as mine's just up and quit working, but the damned thing will not connect to my TV! Can anyone tell me the device code for a Samsung SyncMaster 932MW, or where I can find one? I hear tell they're in the manual, but mine's long gone and Google doesn't seem to understand what one is. Gah!

Any help much appreciated!

15-06-09, 18:51
it should be in the manual for the universal remote.
how could that be "long gone" if you "just got" it :confused:

look up your manual online

also - don't be surprised if you got a remote that doesnt work with any of the samsung codes. not all remotes actually work for everything.

15-06-09, 19:20
No, the TV manual's gone, not the remote one. I've tried all the codes in it and the 'quick search' function and nada. I have a feeling this is my own fault for buying a cheap remote.

15-06-09, 19:24
which one did you get?
if its older than the TV - it may not work

but just double check to make sure you have followed the proceedure properly.

15-06-09, 19:27
It's so cheap it actually has no brand name on it, it's a store-own one!

I've double checked the procedure and I was doing it right the first time.

No matter, the TV needs to be replaced anyway (for the second time in two years...fume), I'll make them send a new remote out too.